What celestial targets look like with the high sensitivity and post processing of Astrowlbox ? 

The Astrowlbox is dedicated to EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) in an ultraportable manner. It is half way between visual observations and astrophotography and will open you new horizons to your astronomy night sessions. Below you will find some examples of what you will see with the Astrowlbox (images are wider on Astrowlbox but are truncated here for the needs of presentation).

The pictures below were taken with a 130mm apo refractor F/D 7, some of them in far from perfect conditions in the high polluted suburb of Paris. With darkest skies and some practices, you will surely get far better results (send us your pictures and we will be happy to post them on this page).

The wonderful Messier 13 Globular Cluster on the left and Dumbbell nebula on the right.

M16 Eagle Nebula

M17 Nebula

Even if the Astrowlbox was not originally designed for planets but mainly for faint deep sky objects, we have improved it and added image post processing algorithms mainly dedicated to planets and the results are not so disapointing. From left to right, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.