UPDATE ! New AstrowlBox V2 is 3x faster with the new Raspberry Pi5 board. Also has a ST4 guiding port (hardware ready, will be fully operationnal in future update).

What is Astrowlbox ?

The Astrowlbox is all in one and ultra-portable system that will give you easy access to celestial objects unreachable with naked eyes like galaxies, nebula, stars clusters and so on. Just install the Astrowlbox like any eyepiece on your telescope and thanks to its high sensitivity discover faint celestial objects full of details and colors (have a look to the gallery) even in heavy light polluted environnements (pictures in the gallery were taken near Paris). No extra cables, computer, camera, … are needed. Everything is already in the Astrowlbox.

What's inside Astrowlbox ?

The Astrowlbox has been designed around the highly sensitive Sony IMX462 sensor that can be found in lot of astronomy cameras.

Realtime image processing are done by the newly release Raspberry Pi5 (3x faster than previous Pi4)

See celestial objects

It onboards a 4” touch screen to display celestial targets you have pointed with your scope.

You can also display live image on your smartphone, tablet or computer from the Astrowlbox user interface.

With the new box V2, a ST4 guiding port is hardware ready (will be activated in a future software release)

Add astronomy accessories to Astrowlbox.

The T2 ring adapter in front of the Astrowlbox will give you access to wide range of astronomy accessories: 1.25” and 2” adapters, tele-extender, eyepiece projection, filters, …

What are Astrowlbox functionnalities ?

The Astrowlbox offers functionalities typical to astronomy imaging that can be customized from the user interface running on any devices with a wifi connexion (like smartphone, tablets, computer, …) and a browser (chrome, edge, firefox, …) :  Gain, Exposure (up to 15 sec), Urban filter (to cancel light pollution), Stretch (to improve faint objects),  Saturation, take snapshot of celestial targets,...

From stack view, you will be able to apply in realtime typical astro post processing like Contrast enhancement, Deconvolution, Wavelet Sharpen, Frame Rejection…

Solar observers are not forgotten, a new functionnality to easily make timelapse videos has been added to Astrowl Box software (see below screenshot for available parameters and you can have a look in user guide for more details).

You can also use this functionnality to create video of any dynamic astronomy scenes.